What We Do

We are regarded as industry leaders in PHP web application development.

Custom-built CMS Solutions

Skipjack specialise in developing advanced, custom-built Content Management Systems (CMS), allowing administrators to securely manage their website content with ease. Our CMS tools are intuitive and focus on usability, making them a pleasure to use. Skipjack have the skills and expertise to understand a client's requirements in a CMS. We ask the right questions, to ensure we understand your needs. Along with the advice we give, this allows us to build a CMS that exactly fits your business and online presence.

Intelligent Web Applications

We design and build intelligent web applications such as online dashboards, data-mining and number-crunching tools, booking engines, product catalogues, enquiry systems, user recommender systems, and online training and assessment applications. Intelligent web applications go well beyond a content management system, and incorporate complex business logic and workflows that provide users with a rich online experience.

Responsive Web Design

Access to the web has drastically changed with the proliferation of smart phones and tablet devices. We have expertise in developing responsive websites that provide optimal usability and viewing experiences - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, scrolling, and panning - across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones. Responsive websites behave as if they have been specifically designed for different browser widths and devices. Instead of having multiple sites targeting different browser widths, you have a single website and code base. Try out our responsive web design tester and see how our website responds to different browser widths.

Web Usability

Web usability is an approach to make websites easy to use for an end-user. Usablity is taken seriously as Skipjack, because websites that are difficult to use ultimately frustrate users, causing them to leave your online presence. We are advocates of Steve Krug's “Don't make me think” philosophy: when a website makes you stop and think about what you're doing, it's making your life harder, and perhaps isn't designed as well as it could be. Web applications should be designed in such a way that pages can be scanned and not read, content should be clear and concise, and navigation elements should be intuitive to use. At Skipjack we ensure that our applications are user-friendly and are designed for the end-user in mind.

High Performance Websites

All web applications developed at Skipjack encompass performance best practices for speeding up web pages. These rules for faster-loading websites (thanks to a gentleman by the name of Steve Souders) have been implemented and tested on some of the most popular websites, and have reduced the response times of those pages by 25 to 50%. By implementing these rules the pages we develop load as fast as possible, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for the visitors to your site.

Mobile Application Development

The future of the web is mobile, and increasingly consumers access information via smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Skipjack provide Responsive Web Design solutions and have partnered with Mobile Application development companies, who build native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Blackberry devices. Skipjack design and develop the server-side components, the business logic and API, while our mobile partners specialise in frontend application design and development, usability, and API integration.

Web development using Web standards

We incorporate Web standards in all our applications, a set of best practices that are designed to future-proof web pages and make them accessible to as many users and devices as possible. Web applications developed using standards continue to function correctly as browsers evolve and as new devices come to market. Using web standards has many benefits and makes business sense. Why would any company say no to a faster site? No to more visitors? No to accessible web pages? No to superior search engine rankings?

Social Media Integration

Since the arrival of the Web 2.0, Social Media has become an integral part of any successful website or online marketing campaign. Skipjack have done extensive integration with the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have developed numerous Facebook apps, integrated social media plugins, and have interacted directly with social media platforms via the APIs they offer.

Our Expertise

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Web standards

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Social Media Integration

  • Content Management Systems

  • Frontend Engineering

  • API Development

  • Google Maps Integration

  • HTML + CSS Authoring

  • Intelligent Web Applications

  • SEO Foundations

  • High Performance websites

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