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The World Masterclass of Whisky

The World Masterclass of Whisky is the world's finest and most comprehensive whisky course - with detailed lessons, high-definition videos of over 50 of the world's leading distilleries, over 100 tasting note videos and cutting edge online assessments. Members view videos that have been structured into a course of 5 levels, then write assessments on the specific level and subject to progress through the curriculum. The system contains video and assessment dashboards, allowing the user to keep track of what videos they have watched and what assessments they have completed, along with their results.

The World Masterclass is based on the Lobster Ink online assessment framework developed by Skipjack.


The World Masterclass of Whisky
Let’s Sell Lobster
XHTML, CSS2, PHP5, Smarty, MySQL, jQuery


  • Online Learning

    Members log into the Masterclass to view video lessons and tasting notes, and to write and review online assessments.
  • Video and Assessment Dashboards

    Video and assessment dashboards allow members to keep track of viewed videos and completed assessments along with their results.
  • High-definition Video Lessons

    Students view high-definition video lessons before writing assessments. Videos are integrated using Flowplayer and hosted on Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
  • Commenting System

    Users engage with Masterclass administrators and one another by writing their own comments to each video they have watched.
  • High Performance Technologies

    Best practices for making web pages load as fast as possible are implemented, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for website visitors.
  • Advanced Custom-built CMS

    An intelligent, custom-built CMS allows Masterclass administrators to manage members, videos and all course material.

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