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Sticky Questions

Ever wondered what to use to stick plastic to ceramic, or glass to leather? Sticky Questions will tell you just that! Sticky Questions is a simple, responsive, well-designed online tool that recommends Alcolin and Bostik bonding products for sticking things together. The site is designed responsively, providing an optimal usability and viewing experience across smart phones, tablets and desktop browsers. Try it out in our Responsive Design Tester. An advanced CMS allows the client to manage substrates, products, and associating products to substrate combinations.

This mini site is an example of what can be achieved with simple, no-fuss search engine optimization techniques like friendly URLs, relevant page names and descriptions, and exposing relational database information to search engines. Perform a Google search for "stick wood to glass" and note that Sticky Questions is the top search result, if not in the top five.

Skipjack also developed the Alcolin and Bostik websites that fall under the Permoseal group.


Sticky Questions
HTML5, CSS5, Twitter Bootstrap, PHP5, Smarty, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax


  • Responsive Design

    The site is responsive, providing an optimal usability and viewing experience across smart phones, tablets and desktop browsers.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    The site is optimized for search engines by using semantic HTML, search engine friendly URLs and exposing all possible sticking options and products.
  • Advanced custom-built CMS

    An advanced, custom-built content management system allows Permoseal to easily manage products, substrates and associations.
  • High Performance Technologies

    Best practices for making web pages load as fast as possible are implemented, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for website visitors.
  • Ajax Search

    JavaScript and Ajax technologies are used for the drop down search tool, avoiding page reloads and providing a seamless user experience.
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

    The site was developed using responsive Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Ajax technologies.

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