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Lobster Ink hospitality education system

Lobster Ink is an online hospitality education system that trains staff and management across 40 countries and 80 nationalities around the world. Course material includes Bar, Wine, Spirits, Service, Housekeeping, Guiding and International Standards. The education platform is simple yet powerful, and contains detailed high-definition video lessons and online assessment tools.

The Lobster Ink system allows any number of establishments (and their students) to sign up for specific courses. The platform comprises student and manager portals. The student portal allows students to view content, write and review assessments, and monitors their results and progress through the curriculum assigned to them. The manager portal focuses on providing the information on how their students are performing and reporting, which students are excelling and in which areas students are having problems. The platform is managed via a backend allowing Lobster Ink administrators to manage groups, establishments, students, documents, and course material (courses, levels, subjects, questions).

Skipjack also developed The World Masterclass of Whisky for the Let's Sell Lobster Group, a similar education system where members can learn about Whisky and write assessments defined by a course structure.


Lobster Ink
Let’s Sell Lobster
XHTML, CSS2, PHP5, Smarty, MySQL, jQuery


  • Student Portal

    Students log into a portal to write and review online assessments, edit profiles, access documents and manuals, view the blog and watch video lessons.
  • Student Dashboard

    The student portal contains a dashboard which displays latest assessment results, medals earned, and results for all courses, levels and subjects.
  • Manager Portal and Reporting

    Managers monitor student progress via the manager portal, which contains data on activity, progress and achievements, and allows exporting of reports.
  • High-definition Video Lessons

    Students view high-definition video lessons before writing assessments. Videos are integrated using Flowplayer and hosted on Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
  • Internal Messaging System

    Lobster Ink contains an internal messaging system, allowing administrators to communicate directly with establishments, managers and students.
  • Advanced Custom-built CMS

    An intelligent, custom-built CMS allows Lobster Ink administrators to manage students, managers, establishments and all course material.
  • High Performance Technologies

    Best practices for making web pages load as fast as possible are implemented, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for website visitors.

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