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Ardmore Ceramics

The website show cases Ardmore as a business, the ceramic art produced by Ardmore, and the skilled artists that create the ceramic master pieces. Skipjack developed an advanced, custom-built CMS allowing the client to fully manage the website content including artists, artist categories, partners, media releases, news and events, product categories and products, subscribers, retailers, and content blocks across the site. The site layout and style was designed by resources within Ardmore, providing an elegant and minimalistic look and feel. Skipjack authored the site using XHML, CSS2 and jQuery technologies, and integrated the CMS using PHP Smarty Template Engine technologies.


Ardmore Ceramics
XHTML, CSS2, PHP5, Smarty, MySQL, jQuery


  • Advanced Custom-built CMS

    An advanced, custom-built content management system allows Ardmore to manage all content of the website.
  • Subscriber Management

    Users are able to subscribe or unsubscribe to the Ardmore newsletter. The backend allows the management and exporting of the subscriber data.
  • Product Catalogues

    The CMS allows the management of categories and products for Ardmore Ceramic Art and the Design Collection, including image and file uploads.
  • Contact Form

    Users can contact Ardmore via email by filling in a contact form containing validation and CAPTCHA technologies.
  • A to Z of Artists

    Thorough information for over 70 Ardmore artists is provided in an A to Z format with a click through to a full details page.
  • Interactive Product Page

    The user can interactively select and view the products of a category without having to reload the page, making the site easy to use and navigate.
  • High Performance Technologies

    Best practices for making web pages load as fast as possible are implemented, ensuring a speedy and seamless experience for website visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    The site is optimized for search engines by incorporating semantic HTML and using search engine friendly URLs.

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