About Us

Skipjack = a skilled, agile, quick thinking PHP development business.

Skipjack is an expert PHP development company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide cutting-edge web development solutions for a range of local and international clients and digital agencies. We are specialists in “web standards” based PHP development, Content Management System development and Responsive web design.

We have developed our own web CMS development framework using the latest web standards based technologies, a set of best practices and technologies that future-proof web pages and making them accessible to as many users and devices as possible. The framework allows us to develop custom-built CMS solutions and web applications, to ensure they work exactly as required by a client's business.

Skipjack was founded by Mike Schulz in 2007, who graduated in 2002 with a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. Mike started his career as an ASP.NET developer at Lemonline in Cape Town. He freelanced as a PHP developer for 5 years before founding Skipjack in 2007.

Skipjack has built up a skilled and agile team of smart, quick thinking PHP developers, capable of tackling the most complex of challenges and problems. We are always learning. Our office shelves are filled with development and programming books, allowing us to stay ahead of the technology curve and constantly improve the applications and products we develop.

People we work with

  • BrainStorm Group

  • Let’s Sell Lobster

  • SALT

  • Primedia

  • Wireframe Studio

  • Liquorice Africa

  • Permoseal

  • CompressDSL

  • Hellocomputer

  • Formula D

  • BrandsRock

  • MobiWorks

  • JWT South Africa

  • Match Creative

Brands we engage with

  • Whisky Live Festival

  • Shuuga

  • The World Masterclass

  • Cowey’s Corner

  • Bostik

  • Canon

  • Felix Unite

  • Connect 123

  • Escape Gear

  • Lobster Ink

  • Interchange

  • Digicape

  • Applebee’s Canada

  • Sticky Questions

  • Ardmore Ceramics

  • Alcolin

Contact Us

There are real people behind Skipjack, so if you have any questions or suggestions (no matter how small) please get in touch with us by clicking here.